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Prime Time Calculation

Number theory has always interested me, specifically irrational numbers and prime numbers.   I was messing around with functions in R and came up with a very neat ‘one line’ function in R that checks if a number is prime.  See … Continue reading

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Quick Data Tip in R and Excel

Last week, a colleague showed me a trick in excel.  And it really bugs me when you can do something in excel that R can not do easily.  So I gave it some thought and came up with a solution.  … Continue reading

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Approaching Data Analysis

All data analysis projects start with a problem.  We (hopefully) form a hypothesis before exploring the data, and we go about trying to confirm/disprove hypotheses with statistical procedures.  These statistical procedures could be a simple t-test, a more complicated non-parametric … Continue reading

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Philosophy and Purpose

A little over a year ago, I transferred from working on applied mathematics in academia to working in the industry as a data analyst.  Like any person that leaves the academic bubble, the outside world is very different from expectations.  … Continue reading

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