Quick Data Tip in R and Excel

Last week, a colleague showed me a trick in excel.  And it really bugs me when you can do something in excel that R can not do easily.  So I gave it some thought and came up with a solution.  Here's the problem:

Sometimes we have data with missing values and want to fill them in a specific way.  What if you want to fill them in with the above-nearest non-missing value?  An example of such a data set:

ExcelRRecursionDataYou can imagine that it's easy to do this manually for a small data set, but tedious and horrible for larger data sets.  The instructions for excel is this:

  1. Select data.
  2. Hit F5 (Go To command)
  3. Click on the 'Special...' button.
  4. Select the 'Blanks' option, hit ok.
  5. Now, while every blank is highlighted, type in "=A2", where A2 is your first non-blank value.
  6. Hit 'Ctrl + Enter' at the same time.

Viola!  Done.  This can be done even faster with keyboard shortcuts.

In R, we have to be smart.  But it can be done easily with a recursive function.  See the code below.

##-----Recursive Fill in------
# This script will attempt to do an excel trick with a recursive R function

data = data.frame("label"=c("A",NA,"B",NA,NA,"C",NA,"D",NA,NA,NA,NA,"E",NA,"F"))

non.na.index = function(x,data){if(is.na(data[x])){non.na.index(x-1,data)}else{data[x]}}

new.column = sapply(1:(dim(data)[1]),function(x) non.na.index(x,data$label))

This R code does the following:

  1. Creates the data and the missing rows are designated as "NA". This is standard for R.
  2. non.na.index function takes a column and an index.  If that value is NA, it calls itself for the index above it.
  3. The 'sapply' function is used to apply the function over a whole column.

This runs relatively quick and gives us the same column as the excel trick.  Neat-o.


PS-  If the data comes this way via pivot tables in Excel, remember you can format the pivot tables certain ways to avoid having to do this at all.

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