About the Author

About the author


After spending my most of my life in academia studying mathematics, I wanted to branch out and use it.  I'm interested in a lot of subjects, like number theory, applied math, data analysis, programming, statistics, genetics, epidemiology, and social justice.  This blog is a chance for me to express my journey of learning and using what I know in the real world.  I hope to gain insight in interactions with others and help others going down this road as well.

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  1. Chris says:

    Hey Nick,

    I've come across your upcoming book and the contents look like it is exactly what I've been looking for (nice to see that it covers SVMs!). I am completing my masters in mechatronics engineering and am focusing on machine learning in particular.

    I am currently in a fairly urgent need for something that walks through saving and restoring graphs and weights for tensorflow and I am considering purchasing the early access ebook from packtpub. Does your book cover this as well?



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