I Started Writing a Technical Book... (part 2)

A lot has happened since I first decided to write a book. I quit my job, accepted a new job, and am currently taking about 6 weeks off to get a jump start on writing the hardest parts of the book... the first few chapters.

The job change was partly due to the fact that I wanted time off for the writing and partly because I've had an itch to work for a specific company in Seattle for a while and they had a job opening available that fit very well.

So I went in for an interview and it turned out I really liked the people and the problems they are trying to solve. I've always liked my prior job, but this new company is tackling an issue that I'm very passionate about.

As for the book, it's taking a bit longer than expected. I thought I could get about a chapter a week done during this break. But in the first week, I had hard time adjusting to my unscheduled time. I can now run errands when ever I feel, take breaks for as long as I want, and get easily distracted by whatever social media I happen across. I now have a huge respect for people that consistently work from home.

I've started disciplining myself with my allocation of time. It's easy to do when I'm in an office away from home, but much harder to do when I'm sitting in my living room, typing on my laptop with my bed, dishwasher, and washing machine feet away from me, just asking for chores and naps to be done.

I will finish the first chapter by the end of this week and hopefully finish the second chapter by the end of the month. Wish me luck.

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